Saturday, April 6, 2013

Reflections Day 3

So today, we talked about fractions concept.

Do you know that fractions and time are not supposed to be taught in pre-school? Yes, I wasn't actually aware of that. However, to my understanding, we are allowed to teach these 2 concepts not explicitly but as a preparation for them when these topics are introduced in primary.

For example, the concept of time can be introduced as they are able to make meaning from the concept by relating it to their daily routines in school. As for fractions,the concept itself can be introduced to children when we conduct an activity which requires them to divide something into equal  parts, such as folding a paper.

 Talking about folding a paper into 4 equal parts, that is exactly what  we did in class today!

Even though its a simple activity, but as adults, the activity keeps me engaged and it stimulates me to think of different ways how I can fold the paper into  4 equal parts. It is one way of introducing fractions to children.

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