Saturday, April 6, 2013

Reflection Day 5

Visualisation, number sense, pattern, communication and metacognition.

These are the 5 essential components that children need when doing numeracy.

In the previous reflection entry, I mentioned about how visualisation plays a role in helping students to solve mathematical problem. For younger age group, concrete objects need to be used in the teaching.

Whereas for an older age group, we can use visual representation. The reason is that visual representation are more abstract, and children of an older age group would be able to visualise something more abstract.

During the lecture, Dr Yeap mentioned that when using visuals, the items must be identical. We should also avoid interfering variables such as long and short sticks, big and small circles. Because when we mention 'big cirlce', a child may have seen a bigger circle and it can be confusing for the child.

From the video that Dr Yeap shared, it is clearly shown how he taps on children's knowledge on number sense and focuses alot on communication.  This is clearly supported by Vygotsky's sociocultural theory, where it mentioned that mental development arises as a consequence of interaction.

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