Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Reflection Day 2

So... today's lesson was interesting.

We learnt about addition stories. First, Dr Yeap got showed us two numbers 8 and 6. In groups, he then asked us to come up with our own addition stories. Well, my initial though when was asked to do this was " Hey, that sounds easy. What could be so difficult in coming up addition stories using 8 and 6 right?"

But surprise surprise. There's more to it than just using the two number to come up with additions stories. So today, I learnt that there are actually different types of addition stories. I meant, I have never really thought of it. Back then in primary school, I thought that it must have been a breeze for my teachers to come up with additions stories for us to do during exams. Hehe.

So back to the actual topic, there are 3 types of addition stories and they are:
  • Part whole problem
eg: Jolene has 8 sweets. Trace has 6 sweets. How many sweets do they have altogether.
  • Classic before after 
eg: Lila has 8 pencils. Shanti gives her 6 more pencils. How many pencils does Lila have now?
  • Comparison
eg: I have $8. You have $6 more than me.

Another takeaway that I learnt from today's lecture is the importance of the sentence structure when we construct and write our addition stories. From the group work, unintentially, some of us arrange our sentence in a way that can be questionable. It won't be a good question then, because the children will then have to work and answer the questions based on assumptions.

With that, I end this blog entry with a quote by Meister Eckhart.

 "Be willing to be a beginner every single morning."

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