Saturday, April 6, 2013

Reflection Day 4

The lesson today was about multiplication. When it comes to multiplication, it is important to use concrete objects for representation especially when teaching young children. As the child progresses, we can move on to visual representation by carefully removing the concrete objects.


Using concrete object of showing 2 groups of 3 by using apples in a basket.

Using visual representation.

Grouping is one form of multiplication. Multiplication is basically not about about memorising the numbers but, about understanding the concept.

Another part of the lesson was subtracting fractions. Using models, it is amazing how there are actually many different ways to get the answer. Back then when I was in primary school, the only way I subtract fractions is by changing the denominator, without understand why I have to do so.

 3 ½ - ¾ =

 I find that using models, I am able to discover different strategies on my own. I also think that its alot more faster to solve a question using models.

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