Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Reflection Day 1

From today’s lecture, I learnt that there is no definite way to solve a mathematics question.

I enjoy solving  different types of mathematics problem that was asked during the lecture. My favourite question has got to be using the number cards, spell out the number words as we flipped the cards. Me and my partner was so engaged and excited throughout the process we were solving the problem. I would definitely like to try the activity my children and I am sure it will keep them engaged too. 

In some mathematics problem, I realised that there are times where you can do trial and error method. But in this problem, it wasn't easy to do the trial and method. Therefore, me and my partner discussed some strategies and we applied them to solve

What are the strategies we used to solve the problem?

  • figure out the spelling of each number words. ( if we're using 8 cards, hence we need to know the spelling of the number words from one to eight.)
  • count from the left, in cardinal order

Ordinal, cardinal, rational and nominal numbers. Understanding the meaning of these numbers can be quite confusing. I shall go and read up the textbook and my notes to have a better understanding of these numbers.

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